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Links to interesting videos on the web.

If you find interesting videos on astronomy, let us know and we can share them on this page.

This is a video of the 20-Mar-2015 solar eclipse put together from still photos taken over the eclipse. The quality varies as the amount of cloud changes, but a good impression of the event is given.

With the solar eclipse on 20-Mar-2015, we are looking again at solar imaging and this is interesting and informative on the use of the Coronado telescope.

This is an unusual and thought provoking way of looking at the way the Solar System moves once you take into consideration the movement of the galaxy. It is called "The helical model - our solar system is a vortex"

This one is a real education, from the Monty Python team, so packed with lots of information but presented in an interesting and unusual way!

This is the BBC News Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2011, looking at the winning photographs with two of the judges.

This is the BBC Stargazing Live Space Photography Tutorial.

This is a home produced video, with someone showing how to use a webcam to produce good photos of the planets.

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